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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Project Kesher has been supporting Ukrainian women and families. Project Kesher Ukraine has a network of over 300 women activists from more than 40 cities. Most of them were forced to leave their homes, but they continue to help others. This war and refugee crisis has had an enormous impact on women and girls because men are conscripted and not allowed to travel and women are traveling to get to safety with children and elderly relatives, with limited money and no credit cards.

PKU has responded to the situation and needs in the following ways:

1) Assisting women in making the decision when to evacuate and where;

2) Making emergency cash grants to women without resources (180 grants to date totalling $65,000); and

3) Renting buses and minivans to assist with evacuation in key cities (1,300+ evacuated since the beginning of April)


Project Kesher also helps girls and women who stayed in Ukraine, including the internally displaced.

Currently, we provide financial support to women and their families who are moving to a safer place in Ukraine or to another country as well as to those who are going to return to Ukraine. We also support initiatives that help Ukrainians affected by the war, in Ukraine, with evacuations, food, accommodation, and meds.

If you need our help, please fill in the following form:

Grants for personal needs https://forms.gle/Yur7uATzMBo2X7qT8

Grants for volunteer initiatives https://forms.gle/VmgWLVTLS6UgBojL8

It’s hard to know what the future needs might be, but we are in daily touch with our activists. Project Kesher will support women wherever they are, regardless their decision to stay, get evacuated, or move to Israel.



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